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You know absolutely nothing about branding - and it's making your sales suffer.

The business across the street from you is making money, infact... they're making a shit ton more money than you are. Why are they capitalizing so well when your product is in fact better and cheaper than theirs? Let's look.

Branding Appeal.

Do you enjoy walking into your local pub that has had the same broken toilet for the last 3 years or are you almost ready to give up your loyalty to start frequenting the shiny new bar across the street with a beautiful logo, menus that are astehtically pleasing, and promotions letting you know about upcoming specials and deals for the month?

Perception matters to the general public subconsiously. Graphic designers carefully plan what fonts, sizing, and spacing is being used to create the most harmoneous design possible to capture and keep your attention while focusing on the call to action. It is extremely important to keep in mind when creating pamphlets and flyers what your call to action is. Do you want the consumer to see  your specials? Do you want them to give you their email address? Don't let your customers get lost in an overworded confusing design. Keep it simple!

Success doesn't just come from graphic design and beautiful signs alone. Your product does have to provide value as well to continue harnessing business. The worst mistake a business can make is funnel money into promotions to aquire clients into the door... and seeing little future ROI (Return On Investment) because the customer didn't enjoy their time as they experienced a subpar product.

Branding Execution

Colors. Shapes. Spacing. It all matters when it comes time to present your product to the world. "That logo is so simple, that guy got paid $1200 for that?", seems to be a repeated perception in this business. Some of the best designers in the world have created the most simple designs cleverly blending shapes and corners into memorable experiences that are self explanitory. Simple is often better than complex when it comes to design. The easier we can explain your company in a few different shapes the better for your business.